Marine Chemist & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (MC & EC) offers a complete spectrum of consulting services to enhance your environmental, safety and health compliance in all states and abroad. MC & EC has established a reputation of delivering high quality services and advice to both the private and public sector clients.

We are responsive and pride ourselves on delivering a quality product on time and within budget.

We have numerous environmental, safety and health consultants available throughout the US to assist our projects. Whether your needs are for maritime or construction industry consultations, we can bring the right people to the table.

Examples of EHS Services

  1. Written Safety and Health Plans

  2. Confined Space Analysis & Classification

  3. Industrial Hygiene Services

  4. Develop Curriculums, Training Materials and Presentations

  5. HAZCOM Compliance

  6. Air , Water and HAZWASTE Permitting

  7. Storm Water Plans and Permits

  8. Respiratory Protection Programs

  9. HAZWOPER Training

  10. Laboratory Services

  11. Field Sampling Techniques for Water and Air

  12. Shipyard Training Issues

  13. Construction Training Issues

  14. Emergency Medical Training Programs

  15. EHS Cost Estimation

  16. Field Audits

Please contact us to discuss your needs.