Length: 3 Hours

Course Description:

This course is designed to train employees in the requirements of being a firewatch in the shipyard employment. This course satisfies the firewatch requirements found in 29 CFR 1915, Subpart P, as well as the NAVSEA Standard Item 009-07. Successful participants will receive a laminated ID card as well as a certificate issued by MC & EC. Annual update training is required for this class.

Course Outline:

Review of applicable parts of 29 CFR 1915, Subpart P

Review of NAVSEA 009-07 Standard Item

Hot Work Notification Procedures

Types of Fires and Extinguishing Equipment

Inspecting Your Equipment

The Fire Triangle/Quadrangle

Reviewing Fire Reporting Procedures

Posting of the Firewatch – How many?

Your Responsibilities as a Firewatch

Using the PASS System

Putting Out a Fire