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Length: 2 days

Course Description:

This course emphasizes worker awareness of safety and health hazards in Shipyard Employment. This training is designed to help shipyard workers identify typical hazards in their workplace and how to avoid injuries thru proactive knowledge. Our instructors are OSHA authorized instructors and have numerous years of boilerplate working experience in the maritime industry. A comprehensive training manual/CD is provided for participant future reference.

OSHA recommends this course as part of the training needed to protect workers in the Maritime industry.Workers may need additional training in the hazards related to non shipyard worksites. This course is not intended to replace site-specific training, nor limit the need for additional training.

This course requires ten hours of actual training. It is generally given over two days with the first day providing seven hours of actual training and the second day adjoining by lunchtime. Successful participants will receive 10 Hour OSHA cards as well as a certificate issued by MC & EC.. These cards normally take three weeks after course completion to receive and they will be distributed shortly after our receipt.

Course Outline:

Introduction to OSHA (1 hour)
Walking and Working Surfaces (1 hour)
Personal Protective Equipment (1 hour)
Fall Protection/Scaffolding (1 hour)
Electrical (1 hour)
Confined and Enclosed Spaces (1 hour)
Fire Protection (1 hour)

The remaining 3 hours will be decided based upon the needs of the class. Such topics may include:

Hazard Communication
Hazardous Materials
Respiratory Protection
Welding, Burning & Cutting
Material Handling
Bloodborne Pathogens
Machine Guarding
Ergonomics and Proper Lifting Techniques
Additional Topics ( such as Lead, Asbestos, Hexavalent Chromium, Industrial Hygiene )